From December 4, 2020

2021 Chaos Immunity Healing Event

2021 is bringing massive uncertainty, hardship, and disasters unlike anything we have seen yet - even worse than 2020! Are you certain that your confident that your creator field will keep you safe this year? With how vulnerable our creator fields are, the trauma the rest of the world faced in 2020 could put you in jeopardy. With this healing, become a non-match to everything that's to come.

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From July 31, 2020

Clarity, Preemptive Action & Empowerment Event

What if western medicine is completely wrong about viruses? How can we even begin to move forward with so much information? During this event, learn the groundbreaking truth about viruses that will allow you to surpass science's 20% on viruses, learn the truth about masks and staying safe, as well as receive clear guidance on how to move forward.


From June 26, 2020

Don't be Changed.

Be the Change Event

Do you want to help heal the deep wounds the world is facing right now? Then let's do it the right way. During this event, learn the high frequency tools and solutions that will be the only way to help us all rise together and heal the last few hundred years of pain.

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From May 29, 2020

5G Healing Event

How dangerous is the 5G? How does it affect our bodies and our intuition? What do we do if they installation of the 5G towers only continues? During this event, receive an incredible healing that will make the necessary adjustments to your energetic and physical body the will forever protect you from the devastating damages of the 5G signals.


From May 1, 2020

Take Your Power Back Event

What happens if this Coronavirus pandemic lasts longer than expected? What are you going to do? During this event, get your power back. Learn incredible, life-changing tools that will allow you to harness your inner power and start thriving in your life whether this pandemic ends or not.

From March 27, 2020

Spiritual Perspective Event: Coronavirus

What's going on? Why did this happen? What do we do? How to not get sick? How long is this going to last? During this event, learn the aspects of the Coronavirus people aren't talking about and valuable insights that will help you survive the outbreak and give you clarity and ease moving forward.


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