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"Open Heart Healing"

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Let us empower you to change every aspect of your life

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Our Goal is to Empower 3.9 Billion LIVES

With Founder, Alessandro Gianetti, who has over 10,000 hours of Mastery in the Healing World and the Highest Frequency Teachings on the Planet, we will change your Life.



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What's New?

Learn to Be Your Own Healer Webinar

Replay Available NOW!

Replay from Tuesday November 5th at 11:00 AM PST!

It’s been my experience that every person has within them the answers they need to overcome whatever struggle they are going through. Every problem has a solution. The Perfect solution should also be the path of least resistance. 


Unfortunately, most people don’t trust themselves or haven’t been taught how to discern true answers from emotions and limiting beliefs. 


Guided Light Healing believes that every person who desires a better life should have the skill sets to do so. To have the ability to overcome any struggle. To understand the hidden meaning behind every hardship. 



The incredible experiences you can expect to have during this live-stream webinar:


  • Learn from the Founder of The School of Guided Light Healing who has trained 10's of thousands to change their lives.

  • Start to learn to be the healer of any part of your life.

  • Start to understand how the universe is speaking to and helping us daily. 

  • Learn the true meaning behind obstacles and struggles.

  • Begin to become your own teacher.​

  • Talk with someone with over 10,000 hours of mastery in the healing world.

  • Live Q&A to get you started on your Journey.


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