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"Ale’s ability to teach you the relationship and energetic understand regarding money gives you a freedom to trust. When I use to fear if enough money would come in I now have a beautiful understanding of how to control this flow allowing my businesses to flourish."

— Valerie M.


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Information on Seminars, Courses, & Classes can be found here. Most Classes, Courses, and Talks are available via Video online. 

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2021 Chaos Protection Healing Event

From Friday, December 4th at 7:00 PM PST.

In this healing event, we are going to undo everything that could make you a match to next year's chaos.

What you can look forward to as a result of this healing...​

  • Undo all anchors that could be in the way of you side-stepping all the upcoming devastation.

  • Clear out of your field any thoughts, emotions, and existing broadcasts that are aligning you with the chaos.

  • Release any of the world's trauma and heaviness from this past year that are making you a match to the experiences you don't want.

  • Disconnect all energetic ties to all the heavy events from you, your current field, and your full timeline so you can be safe in the new year.

  • Ensure your field keeps you protected from the financial loss, violence, and food shortages the rest of the world has become a match to.

  • Merge your higher self awareness with your human brain to create a clear, direct path to achieving you soul's goals.

  • Amplify your purpose and experience the utmost fulfillment by carrying out what you were built to do.

  • Step into the new year with unwavering confidence that you'll be safe no matter how uncertain and crazy the rest of the world gets

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With each passing week comes a new energy for change. And each new energy requires specific tools for the highest success.


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